1. Elemental Love

From the recording Wax and Wane


Lift up your children
Send down your light
A dancing fire, to warm the night
Your arms extending
To reach our souls
Father Sun, May you glow glow glow
Reach up your branches
Send down your roots
Firmly planted, for bearing fruit
Upon high places
And down below
Mother Earth, May you grow, grow, grow
Revive the thirsty
By sending rain
Your coursing rivers, our mothers veins
Reflecting beauty
From places low
Sister Water, May you flow flow flow
Sweep up our troubles
Expand our minds
Your howls and whispers, the voice of life
A tree sonata
Your breath bestows
Brother Wind, May you blow blow blow
My music makers
Lift up your voice
Sing Hallelujah, let us rejoice
It’s one big chorus
We’re all part of
As one big Family, Let us love love love