1. For Ira

From the recording Wax and Wane


In her eyes, there you can fly
From places low, she takes you high
She holds the sky within her eyes
So you can fly
In her bones you have a home
A well-made shelter all homegrown
Take your throne within her bones
You have a home
“My body lies dead by the bank
My eyes closed, my bones know no strength.
The stars will be my sight, I’ll dwell within the caves
Waiting there to greet you, if you’d only call my name”
In her chest please take a rest
For weary minds she’s made a nest
She’d love to have you in her chest
Please take a rest
Through her blood the love does flood
An overflow of human hood
Take a dive into her blood
The love will flood
“My heart fell apart in his hands.
He squeezed me ‘til all blood was shed.
Now thunder holds my beat, the rivers are my veins,
Long enough to reach you if you swear to keep my face.”
“You can know me better than I ever knew myself”
In her breath there is no death
For only life can wind express
Join the trees and let us dance
There is no death
In her song we all belong
Ira’s voice does carry on
In the silence of her song, we all belong
“My voice has been slaughtered in vein.
My song and my beauty remain.
Who can slay the rain?”
He took her youth, he could not take her truth
“He took my youth, he could not take my truth”