From the recording Wax and Wane


Pretty in white, pretty in white
Pretty in white as snow, white as snow
Easy as pie, easy as pie
Easy as pie that fills, pie that fills
Happy as songs of youth, songs of truth
Seasons were changing
Hearts ripe for taking
Roots that were shaking
Children we’d outgrown
A past that could strangle
We try to untangle
To find a new angle
For seeds newly sewn
Words that bite, words that bite
Words that bite as cold, bite as cold
Stubborn as stone, stubborn as stone
Stubborn as stones that walk, stones that talk
Hearts that break into, me and you
Old expectations
Deep revelations
The coming of ages
A new letting go
The friendship of blue sky
Transformed in the sunrise
Taking her sweet time
To open and grow
Fragile as time reveals how to heal
Hearts that change and grow, where?, I don’t know
Pretty in white as snow white as snow